A Bright Spot in an Otherwise Gloomy Day

Today’s blog is a guest post by Jackie Kolek

I had the displeasure of attempting to fly out from JFK to San Francisco during Wednesday’s nightmarishImage_809_2
thunderstorms.  The normal one-hour trip to the airport took over three hours. I missed my plane, fought unsuccessfully to get on another flight and was left stranded at the airport.  Through it all, my trusty car service driver, Chris, emerged as the hero of the day. 

Not only did Chris drive through torrential downpours, floods, accidents and floating man-hole covers to get me to the airport safely, he refused to leave me there until he knew flights were taking off.  Luckily, he had the good sense to give me his card with his cell number on it.  For when I could not get another flight out, I couldn’t even get through to the service dispatcher.  Chris had picked up another passenger, but tried to get through to the dispatcher for me and then called a friend who was also a driver to see if he could pick me up.  When that failed, Chris suggested to his current passenger that perhaps she wouldn’t mind if he swung by the airport to get me.  Remarkably, she was okay with it.

When I called the dispatcher back to make the reservation, I was told there would be an additional charge for requesting a specific driver.  To me, Chris was worth every penny and I’ll definitely ask for him next time I travel.  So, a major hats off to Computer Car’s Chris and his passenger Marilyn, who was an additional two hours late to work after sitting in airport traffic.  Who ever said New Yorkers are rude?

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