A Gem of an Idea

Somebody sure earned his or her paycheck at Cartier this week. Today's announcement that the specially-designed Cartier ball dropped from Times Square needle on New Year's Eve will be used on top of the same building throughout 2009 is sheer genius. It's also a great example of guerilla marketing. 05-30-02-TimeSquare2001web

Not only did Cartier garner the world's attention with the New Year's Eve ball-drop gig but now, courtesy of some savvy marketing or PR type, the highly-visible ball will be used to observe Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and other notable holidays. Smart. Very smart. And, what a great way to make whatever the original cost investment was go a whole lot further.

Now, if I were counseling Cartier, I'd keep the ball rolling. I'd conduct consumer surveys tied to each holiday and ask one fundamental question: "What's your favorite way to have a 'ball' on (fill-in holiday)?" Cartier announces the findings via USA Today, CNN and the other usual suspects and, all of a sudden, becomes synonymous with having a ball (albeit a pricey one) on every notable holiday. God, how I love marketing!

Anyway, here's a virtual champagne toast to whatever whiz came up with the Cartier year-round ball idea. It's a gem.

2 thoughts on “A Gem of an Idea

  1. Couldn’t disagree more, Bubbles. It’s highly visible space that in this ADD-addled society of ours will increase Cartier’s brand awareness time and again.

  2. Rep, is this post tongue in cheek? The reason the ball is such a hit is because it’s a once a year, one holiday event. Anything looses it’s luster when over used and over exposed. Seeing this thing year round will only diminish it’s exclusivity and turn into another tacky Times Square tourist attraction like the Naked Cowboy. Boo-hiss to Cartier.