Alice Through the Looking Glass: A Client’s View of Peppercomm

Today’s guest post is by Rachel Francis, pictured, an intern at Peppercomm client TGI Friday’s. Rachel spent this week working at our Manhattan office, and here is her tale…

Franciddds.I’m Alice, and New York City is Wonderland. Unfortunately, I have yet to be greeted by my Mad Hatter, AKA Johnny Depp. Arriving in New York has always been exciting, but this time I came alone. This time I was entering into a whole new world. A fast paced world of dresses and suits. A world of a true adulthood. I was taking on New York from a whole new angle.

You may ask, “What is a Texas girl doing in the Big Apple?” Well, I’m currently an intern at TGI Fridays in Dallas, and they want me to get a feel for the PR world, which up until now has been a world of mystery. I had to pinch myself when I received the news just to make sure I was in the real world and not in lala land.  Sure enough, it was real life.

Isn’t it odd that a client is spending a week in agency land? Nah, it’s pretty awesome. I have even enjoyed being referred to as “The Friday’s Spy.”  However, I can assure you, I am not on an espionage mission.

Monday morning, I puddled around for my car keys, only to realize that a metro card had replaced them, a metro card that really likes to play hide and seek in my purse. Once I found the card, it was time to face the underground machine, AKA the subway… Let’s just say my hand sanitizer will never be the same. On the plus side, I now know how to successfully push people out of my way. Stepping out onto Park Avenue was like a breath of fresh air…literally. Now, it was game time!

Walking into 470 Park Ave South has been a bit intimidating, as there is a fairly large security guy awaiting my arrival. This just shouts, “Real Deal.” Due to the fact that he’s caught me trying to slip in without my pass, I’d say he’s pretty good at his job.

The first thing I’m told when I enter Peppercomm is that I’m going to be working on assignments for other clients. My smile stretched from ear to ear, because I was getting a chance to step outside of the Friday’s safety zone. I’ve heard that one of the best parts of agency life is the fact that one doesn’t get bored. There is always a challenge, always something new going on, and I was going to see it first hand. Then I was told that the snacks are free… I really was walking into Wonderland.

The first valuable lesson I’ve learned here at Peppercomm, is to reign in my southern manners. I apologize for my southern ways, but down in Texas “yes sir” and “no mam” is a way of life, so holding back has been difficult. I find that I abruptly cover my mouth on a daily basis.

Moving on, to one of my first tasks. I was asked to help the interns on one of their group projects. It allowed me to see how hectic agency life really is, and I loved every second of it. The past two days have been go, go, go!  I had the honor of running around the city with Chris, searching here and there for useful information. However, the streets definitely took a toll on my feet, as I now have blisters to show for it. I pretty much feel like a limping gazelle amongst racing cheetahs, guess that’s life in the big city!

When I’m not busy with tasks, I’ve been writing this blog, and meeting with some of the people of Peppercomm. Meeting with the people who make PR happen has expanded my narrow knowledge about this field. I’ve always thought of it as just press releases, and planning events. Furthermore, I’m surprised to see all of the multiple components and how they tie together. What’s even more interesting is realizing the evolution of advertising and PR and how they are becoming integrated. The world is changing, innovating, spinning, and Peppercomm is right smack in the middle of it.

Unlike Alice, I’m not ready to awaken from this Wonderland. I enjoy growing up and venturing out into the unknown. Who knows, maybe Johnny Depp is on the corner of 5th and 58th waiting for me with a cup of tea?

12 thoughts on “Alice Through the Looking Glass: A Client’s View of Peppercomm

  1. I knew you’d make an awesome Alice! What a wonderful adventure! Hope you got to at least see the Mad Hatter. You go, girl…the world awaits & it’s all yours! I’m sure proud of you…& your manners, too! And even tho I’m old & don’t know much about blogs, I’m going to say it….I love you!

  2. It has been wonderful to see you grow and be become such thriving young person.
    Know the best is yet to come for you, just follow the “white rabbit”!

    • One must always take on adventures with new eyes. Thanks for reading the blog Jeff!

  3. Thanks Chris! I’ve been honored to be a temp member of such an awesome squad! I wish y’all the best of luck!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout, Rachel…er, I mean Alice! I’m glad you’ve had a great time here in “Wonderland” and hope you’ve learned a lot. We’ve enjoyed having you as an honorary “PeppSquad” member.

  5. What a delightful account of your time with us. It’s been wonderful having you here… do we have to let you go back to Texas?