The Del Boca Vista Death Sentence

del-boca-vistaA just-released study of half a million people in France shows that those who delayed retirement, or never retired at all, had less risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

That HAS to be bad news to the gaggle of middle and senior-level executives at my firm who pine for the day when I’ll put the Repman blog (and Repman himself) out to pasture. Based on this study (and my own desires), that simply isn’t going to happen.

The French study is the largest of its kind and, says researchers, makes sense “…since working tends to keep people physically active, socially connected and mentally-challenged, all of which are known to prevent mental decline.” Amen, brother.

I’ve never understood the Del Boca Vista (a venue made famous by “Seinfeld”) mentality, which I’d describe as follows: “Marge: Let’s bag it, buy a condominium in Florida and waste away our remaining days playing golf, bridge, and inhaling early bird specials.” To me, that’s akin to a death sentence.

That said, I do NOT want to overstay my welcome at Peppercomm. I don’t want to be the septagenarian or octogenarian who hobbles into a client meeting, bores everyone with tales of the good, old days and promptly nods off in the middle of an important discussion.

I want to be the Barry Sanders or Sandy Koufax of PR. I’d like to hang up my spikes while I’m still at the top of my game. But, and this is a big but, I’m not going to disengage and hang out in Hollywood, Florida, listening to a dinner table full of acquaintances discuss Sidney’s latest bypass procedure. Not this blogger.

I foresee consulting, lecturing, climbing and comedy filling up my golden years. And, when I do go, I don’t want to go gracefully. I intend to die with my boots on, banging out one last blog, scaling one last peak or boring one last classroom of Millennials.

Aside from Lafayette and the Statue of Liberty, there really haven’t been too many things for which we can thank the French. This study, though, deserves a hearty, ‘.merci beaucoup et formidable, mes amis!’

The French have confirmed what I’ve always known: if I pull the plug on work and settle in Sanibel, I’ll go insane.

2 thoughts on “The Del Boca Vista Death Sentence

  1. Already been to Key West. I’d liken to a hipper version of Del Boca Vista with better sunsets and margaritas.