NYC’s bad boys need to man up

Anthony_Weiner_4aaaaa80x270_ked4727i_9oumlpmhIt strikes me that New York’s bad boys are like two peas in a pod.

Anthony Weiner, serial sexting superstar (and NYC mayoral candidate) just distributed a laughably bad video announcing once again that he’s refusing to end his scandal-plagued run for the city’s top job.

In one memorable line, Weiner defiantly snapped, “Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City.” Well, that’s not altogether true (a subject I’ll address in a moment).

Simultaneously, New Yorkers are dealing with Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees overpriced, juiced-up bad boy, who’s refusing to accept Major League Baseball’s punishment for his steroid use. A-Rod has said he’ll fight the decision in court. Talk about conduct unbecoming a Bronx Bomber. Ouch!

I think both bad boys are big cowards.

Both should man up and step down.

REAL New Yorkers possess the raw courage and street savvy to know when enough is enough. They know when to say when.

They recognize that, because of a statement or behavior, they themselves have become the story instead of the team, the campaign or the business.

So, try as they might to play the tough, Francis Albert Sinatra, “I’ve got to be me” card,  Weiner and Rodriguez are just delaying the inevitable, prolonging the agony and hurting New York’s image and reputation.

I’ve been on a few trips of late, and when I tell people I work in the Big Apple, they always ask my opinion of Weiner and A-Rod.

Both are an embarrassment.

Weiner needs to end his candidacy. Now.

A-Rod needs to accept Major League Baseball’s punishment for his serial juicing, and retire. Now.

And, both bad boys should roll towards the nearest rehabilitation center and deal with their respective issues. Because it’s not just their image that’s at stake here, it’s the long-term reputation of the greatest city on earth.

New York should be remembered as the city that produced LaGuardia and DiMaggio. Not Weiner and Rodriguez.

4 thoughts on “NYC’s bad boys need to man up

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  3. As a Canadian, I wouldn’t presume to say how a true New Yorker would act… but I can see why ARoid is going to fight suspension. There probably aren’t too many people in this world who would voluntarily retire and give up over $80 million dollars. That being said, the rest of us recognize that Rodriguez is a fraud who doesn’t deserve the prominence, power or money he’s been given. At the very least, ARoid should have the decency to work with MLB on a suspension that would allow him to resume playing in a couple years time… not that he’ll be any good. But, at least he could collect some of that ridiculous contract that he values so much.