It’s Miley Time in America

USaaaaAUnlike many Americans, I’m not surprised by the outrageous antics of Miley Cyrus on the recent MTV Video Music Awards.

I’m not surprised because Miley is just the most recent, and most blatant, example of Americans who are positively obsessed with themselves.

Miley is infatuated with Miley, so she acts out to draw ever more attention to herself. And, we’re obsessed with Miley, so we watch AND Tweet about the erstwhile Disney star to ensure her self-fulfilling prophesy is, well, self-fulfilling.

As a 2011 DailyKos comparison of Time Magazine covers revealed, our media is ALSO obsessed with ALL things American, so obsession begets obsession begets obsession (and, so forth and so on).

I’m not condoning Miley’s behavior, but I’m not condemning it either. She’s merely feeding the amazingly myopic, highly parochial American media beast.

Take the morning talk shows. Please!

Chemical warfare in Syria got short shrift in comparison to the endless Miley discussions and Donald Trump’s defense of his apparently highly bogus Trump University.

I guess it was OK to be self-absorbed when the U.S. was the world’s sole super power and before we became so dependent on Chinese investment dollars and the interconnected global markets. But, today, it not only reflects the dumbing down of America, it bodes ill for our future competitiveness.

While American kids are debating Miley’s Traveling Sex Show, their global colleagues are studying, if not living, seismic upheavals caused by military, religious, political and environmental chaos.

When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984, the Republican Party aired a hugely-popular TV commercial entitled, ‘It’s morning in America.’ The spots were intended to reinforce Reagan’s contributions to our nation’s military and economic strength, and a re-birth of national pride.

Today’s candidates, whether they be Republican, Democratic, Tea Party or Libertarian, would be hard pressed to run commercials that said anything other than, ‘It’s Miley Time in America.’

And, for me, that’s simply code for ‘It’s evening in America.’

And a tip o’ Repman’s climbing helmet to Donna Bijas, Nicole “Kick-Kick” Moreo and Rob “Don’t break down at night” Duda for suggesting this post.

5 thoughts on “It’s Miley Time in America

  1. Watching mindless television helps me decompress after work! And, there’s nothing more mindless than the Kardashians! I also like Dance Moms, Wife Swap and Drunk History. Having said that, I try to challenge myself intellectually on my commute to work. Right now, I’m working my way through Reza Aslan’s “Zealot.”

  2. Your candor and honesty is refreshing, Cat. As one who kringes at the Kardashians what is your fascination with those kreatures?

  3. Great post. Unfortunately, I think I am one of the many people who enjoy watching people talk about themselves. Take the most recent “Keeping up with the Kardasians” episode, for example. The entire episode was about Kim and Kourtney convincing the rest of their family that eating a placenta after birth is beneficial. My roommate and I were appalled, and immediately intrigued. Until we decide to stop talking about these self-centered celebs, we have no one to blame but ourselves for their actions!