–    Cody hints at galactic domination after acquisition of Janine Gordon Associates –
–    Industry guru says room does exist for another holding company –

New York, September 5, 2013 — With the acquisition of consumer/lifestyle boutique firm Janine Gordon Associates yesterday, Peppercomm continued its relentless quest towards what agency co-founder, Steve Cody, calls ‘galactic domination.’ The JGA purchase is the second in as many years, and comes on the heels of the firm’s acquisition of H20, an interactive digital shop.
moobbbn“I’m glad every conceivable advertising and public relations editor and reporter has been blinded by the Omnicom/Publicis merger as well as Sir Martin’s denials that he’s about to grab Dentsu in response,” laughed Cody, as he folded his hands behind his head, and stretched his legs underneath a desk in his Park Avenue South headquarters. “That just makes our galaxy-wide strategy all the more special.”

Cody said the JGA acquisition not only continues the firm’s quest to go galactic, but also provides a complete suite of services, content creation and deep sector expertise.

“Janine Gordon launched her firm in 1993, and has represented a veritable Who’s Who of luxury, lifestyle and non-profit brands. As a matter of fact, her website contains more glowing client testimonials than ours does. And, trust me, someone’s taking a bullet for that oversight,” he promised. Cody added that clients are increasingly partnering with agencies that possess years, if not decades, of proven category experience. “We’ve always been strong in the consumer products area, but the JGA staff will take us to a whole new level,” he promised.

Today Manhattan, Tomorrow the Moon

Cody hinted that H20 and JGA are just two concrete examples of what he, and co-founder, Edward Aloysius Moed, say will be a holding company that outstrips Omnicom/Publicis and WPP in every conceivable way. “We won’t be content with merely owning 3,087 agencies in every country known to man,” said Cody. “Our goal is to land a PR person on the moon, and return her safely, before the end of the decade.”

Cynthia Caustic, an analyst who covers advertising, marketing and bakeries, gave the Peppercomm announcement a rousing two thumbs up: “I like what Cody and Moed are doing here,” she sniffed, in-between bites on a whole wheat bagel. “They know their trade media are somewhat obsessed with the big guys, so they’re just continuing to grow under the radar, knowing that no one will so much as write a word. It redefines the concept of a stealth strategy.”

Peppercomm’s epoch-making announcement comes in the same week as the firm celebrates its 18th anniversary, and begins its 19th year. “Yesterday’s Repman listed the 19 most memorable moments in Peppercomm history, with the last moment purposely left blank. This is that moment!’’ cooed Cody.

Cody directed indifferent reporters and editors to both agency websites for additional information. “I also told the trade media not to expect any interviews when we announce Peppercomm’s new digs on the Sea of Tranquility in 2019. They’ve had their chance. That exclusive will belong to the fine folks at Aviation World & Space Technology,” he stated.

Peppercomm is a soon-to-be galactic agency with offices on two continents, three cities and more than one obscure outpost.


  1. I am having trouble with “cooed.” “Crowed” maybe. But really, congratulations! If anyone is going to succeed in galactic domination it wouldn’t surprise me if it were you.

  2. Thanks, Julie. We did ask the former CongressDog for an endorsement. Turns out he’s on retainer to WPP as a “special liaison” to the animal world. Any endorsement would be a clear conflict of interest, and only further muddy his chances for the White House in 2016.

  3. Very shrewd strategy, very shrewd. Now all you need is the endorsement of former CongressDog Mick Cody, and you’ll be golden.

  4. Congratulations. Be sure to take crackers because the moon is made of cheese, so I hear. Good on ya!