Who needs Jenny Craig when Ronald McDonald’s around?

089Good news for the millions of Americans who’ve started the new year with a resolution to lose weight: McDonald’s is your new, go-to solutions provider.

That’s right. According to a Reuters’ article, an Iowa science teacher lost 37 pounds in just three months by eating nothing but Mickey D’s fare morning, noon and night.

That sounds about as likely as finding men on Mars, no? I agree. But, it’s true.

John Cisna, and his students, created a 2,000- calorie daily diet that included only McDonald’s stuff (i.e. two egg white delights in the am, a salad at lunch and a yummy Big Mac for din-din).

Cisna also walked 45 minutes every single day.

In addition to the weight loss, Cisna reported his cholesterol had dropped from 249 to 170.
Maybe McDonald’s should open a cardiac care center at each location?

Now, before you rush to Mickey D’s to begin your crash diet, I’d like to make a few points:

– This guy ordered THE healthiest items on the McDonald’s menu (save for the Big Macs).
– He walked for 45 minutes every single day. I’d be surprised if the average Mickey D’s diner walks more than two minutes a day.
– I can’t believe McDonald’s is going to make much of this particular experiment in their marketing outreach since Cisna’s healthy menu option consisted almost entirely of Mickey D’s lowest margin foods.

NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and the other leading weight loss programs have little to fear from a Golden Arches entry into their category.

McDonald’s needs to drive profits. And, profits come from their terrible trio of cheeseburgers, french fries and soda (super-sized, if possible).

So, while they may be smiling at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Oakbrook, Illinois, I doubt any high fives are being shared.

That said, I do salute the Iowa high school teacher’s mettle. And, I’d like to issue a new challenge to Mr. Cisna and his class: let’s see you figure out a way for ‘teach’ to lose another 37 pounds in 90 days by drinking nothing more than a pitcher of Budweiser morning, noon and night. Now, that would be truly epoch-making (as my Japanese clients loved to say).

And A tip o’ RepMan’s climbing helmet to Peppercommer Ray Carroll for suggesting this post.

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    • You’re right – I must have pictured NJ Transit’s CEO remaining an anonymous bot

  2. Here I am, imagining RepMan’s worst nightmare: NJ Transit is privatized and taken over by United Airlines, which then starts serving McDonald’s on board and installs Comcast screens and content.