Yogurt’s answer to the Seattle Seahawks

Today’s guest post is by Peppercommers Nicole Moreo and Dan Salazar.

yoguffffrffftWe think the Yogurt War at the Super Bowl was just as much a blowout as the game itself.  And guess what?  We disagree with the advertising gurus as to who won.  Here’s why:

  • Chobani’s “#HowMatters” was used almost 3x as much as Oikos’s “#FuelYourPleasure”.
  •  61% of people mentioning “#HowMatters” also directly connected with @Chobani.
  •  Only 34% of people mentioning “#FuelYourPleasure” directly connected with @Oikos.

So, why did we place such importance on the hashtag, and not overall buzz? According to Marketing Land’s Hashtag Bowl, hashtag use increased from 25% in 2012’s Super Bowl to 57 percent of nationally-run ads in 2014.  That’s pretty remarkable… and intriguing.  So, instead of looking at overall buzz, the Business Outcomes team at Peppercomm focused our analysis on the use of the hashtag. Companies spend a lot of time and money in the discovery process looking for taglines that they want to connect to their brand; we wanted to see if the general buzz connected back to these taglines.

Whether these mentions were positive, negative or neutral, we found Chobani the winner in this Yogurt War.  Although the advertising rankings of online buzz for Super Bowl ads showed Oikos as the winner, and we agree, they got more overall buzz, we don’t think they won in a key area.  Oikos’s buzz revolved mostly around the highly anticipated ‘Full House’ cast reunion, not necessarily the brand messaging. Is this result really winning the Super Bowl Yogurt War?

When we look at overall numbers and measurement, we always ask “so what”.  Yes, John Stamos definitely did his job and got a lot of people talking— but about what?  Will people remember that Oikos is trying to connect their yogurt to “fueling your pleasure,” or just that John Stamos looked good and shared the screen with old cast members Bob Saget and David Coulier? Chobani’s “#HowMatters” actually created a lot of conversation and interest; it got people involved with their brand’s messaging.

Social Media participation with the Super Bowl is expected to grow annually.  Companies need to recognize  that these ads are a perfect opportunity to raise awareness and connect their audience with the brand’s messaging and value proposition. Whether or not you agree with the Yogurt War findings, it is obvious that the public is eager to engage with these brands online, and in real time.  Instead of focusing on simple buzz, we see the hashtag as an important and valuable way to get people to really connect with the brand in a meaningful and impactful way.

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