Smart humor is so often the missing ingredient

Repman readers know I’ve never been in love with advertising, since so much of it still misses the mark in terms of building an emotional connection with me. That’s certainly changed in the last few years as transmedia storytelling has forced marketers to become smarter about when, where and how to engage with prospective buyers. At the same time, many have also begun to recognize the importance of comedy in conveying their message.

For example, this brilliantly self-deprecating advertisement from Newcastle Brown Ale stopped me in my tracks and changed my perception of the brew. In the spot, Newcastle leveraged the comedic talents of Aubrey Plaza to not only poke fun at mega brands who spend $4 million for a 30-second Super Bowl commercial but, in a diabolically clever way, presented a very funny way for every small advertiser to also buy 30-second spots during the game.

The video tells the story far better than me, but I’m happy to see so many more advertisers embracing comedy in their content. It’s an oh-so-smart way to break through the clutter, humanize the brand, connect with audiences and, most importantly, either reinforce perceived perceptions or, in my case, alter them.

So, here’s looking at you, Newcastle. Your ability to make me pay attention to you just may prompt my ordering one of your brown ales at the very next watering hole.

And a tip o’ the hat to Thommy Powers for suggesting this.

3 thoughts on “Smart humor is so often the missing ingredient

  1. Love it! Great attitude. What I love are some of the meathead comments on YouTube hating it. Maybe they’d feel differently if Aubrey Plaza unbuttoned her blouse or something.