Bloody hell! The British POV on Trump’s winning the presidency (Part III)

You think the Brit’s are done with Trump? Think again. Here’s the final installment…

trumaaapIf Trump does win, look into your crystal ball and tell me what you think the world will be like in 2020 (after four years of The Donald running amok).

  • “America will be attacked again in a big way as the notion of any Trump-esq figure wielding global influence like a toy will drive all sort of people directly into the hands of terrorists and undermine the West entirely. We’ll invade in retaliation of course and the world will be like it was after four years of George W. but 10 times worse. This will have economic knock-ons of course and basically result in all out ideological/ religious warfare and prolonged global recession. I would probably give up my American passport and move to Sweden.”
  • “More war, more greed, more polarisation and an increasingly isolated US – whose only embassy remaining will be in North Korea – the one place Trump seems to admire.  In my mind – he is like the future, rich Biff from Back to the Future 2.  US will be like that ugly, huge prison of a casino and the rest of the world will try to live on in an increasingly chaotic world! Who knew BttF was so profound!”
  • “Lots more war, lots of people dying, everywhere.”
  • “Well the US has a pretty amazing track record of assassinating its presidents when they don’t like them. I guess Trump will have to move about in a bullet proof bubble or he will go the way of Lincoln, JFK, Bobby and all the others. But if he survives?
    • There will definitely be a cure for male pattern baldness
    • Orange will be the new black
    • Spanish will be banned as a language
    • Land of the free will be dropped as a tag line I can’t even imagine
    • What it will be like except that the Third Reich sounds familiar…”
  • “A less safe place; USA would be more under threat from extremists and more isolated. And the US would lose its prominent position in the world. Putin will run his hands with glee!”
  • “His views will create a lot tension. I predict Mass rioting”


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