A Millennial’s Take On JFK’s Assassination

Today’s guest post is by Peppercommer Catharine Cody (pictured, middle, below.)

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 53 years ago today. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the scene of the crime and tour the fascinating Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas.
After the tour, my dad texted me asking “So, what’d you think?” I replied, “Seems like Oswald didn’t act alone.”

I’ll spare RepMan readers the 500+ word explanation that my dad came back with, shooting down my conspiracy theory (no pun intended.) But, as a true millennial who questions everything, I’m still not sold on the one gunman theory. Like the majority of my age group, I love a good cover-up story.

Let’s look at the facts surrounding the JFK assassination:

• The Warren Committee says that both JFK and Governor Connally were hit by a single bullet which “entered JFK’s upper back, exited his throat, and then struck Connally, breaking a rib and shattering his wrist, and finally coming to rest in his thigh.” Sceptics say the trajectory was fanciful and re-named it the ‘magic-bullet theory’. My dad says that the bullet trajectory made sense.

• When the president was hit by the bullet that killed him, the motorcade was passing a grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street. Newspaper photographs record that shortly after the shooting, police arrested three tramps found in a railroad car behind the knoll. And, there were footprints and cigarettes found on said knoll where witnesses claim they heard bullets come from. My dad says the arrest, footprints and cigarettes are just a coincidence.

• Jack Ruby killed Oswald while he was in police captivity, before he went to trial. Sceptics say he was killed so as not to reveal a larger plot to kill the president. My dad says Ruby was simply deranged and acted alone.

I’m not saying Oswald DIDN’T shoot JFK. I’m saying I don’t know that someone else didn’t ALSO shoot JFK. And, it’s hard to disprove a negative, so no one can actually say for sure that there wasn’t a second shooter.

What’s your opinion? Am I a gullible Millennial who will believe any conspiracy theory if it’s interesting enough? Or, is my dad right when accepting the government’s position that Oswald acted on his own?

14 thoughts on “A Millennial’s Take On JFK’s Assassination

  1. There is no way Oswald acted alone. The Zapruder film show bullets being shot from different directions.

  2. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. There have thoroughly researched books from noted historians as well as countless recreations that prove Oswald did it. Americans are obsessed with conspiracies and also refuse to believe that a complete loser such as Oswald could kill such a dynamic, charismatic figure as JFK. As for Ruby, a complete whack job who adored Jackie and sought revenge. Finally, there is no way the hundreds of people needed to plan and execute the assassination ever could have kept it completely under wraps for decades. Any one of them could have earned millions if he agreed to sell his story to a Time, NY Times, etc. Case closed.

    • Case far from closed…for those who believe in an afterlife the most asked question on the other side…WHO KILLED KENNEDY!!! Till then…let’s wait for the HD version of the Zapruder film.

    • I have mixed thoughts on this, as I do with any conspiracy. There were plenty of motives for this to be a conspiracy theory (there’s an entire wall of them in the museum). But I have to think beyond the intelligence and multiple-metal-detectors-before-entry world we have today. Before he visited Dallas, many people anticipated riots and protests. But there really weren’t any. In this case, it makes sense that one person went rogue and committed the crime. He may have been acting on behalf of a larger group and their mentality that opposed the president, but it’s likely they weren’t directly involved. In the 60s, I imagine it was a lot easier to get away with sneaking a rifle into a book depository along the path of the president’s caravan. No way would that be allowed today. In fact, had this same scenario played out today, I would feel a lot stronger about a conspiracy, since in order to get away with it, higher parties had to be involved to allow for it. And to your point, Steve, I find it hard to believe that if there were others involved, that they all would have taken that secret to their grave. It’s a very valid point. That being said, I’m not opposed to the idea that one of these conspiracies could be true though!

  3. Well, now that we finally have a President who is committed to Truth, Justice and the American Way, I’m sure he’ll declassify all govt materials related to the JFK assassination so we can finally find out what really happened. Same with the Roswell UFO crash, Area 51, Sasquatch and the Jersey Devil.

    Transparency and openness, just like our President released his full tax documents during the campai…oh, never mind.

  4. I got to go with Cathryn on this one too. To ignore all this evidence and brush it all off as coincidence is just silly.

  5. Clearly a big conspiracy. The Dallas Police interviewed Oswald for 4 hours…they lost the transcripts. Look at Oswald’s face… as he says to the camera “I’m a patsy” he’s not lying. Dave Powers was two cars back of Kennedy with LBJ in the car…he saw LBJ hit the deck of the car and a secret service guy jump on top of him…then he heard the shots. Why was Nixon in Dallas that day…why were his Watergate guys pictured getting into Dallas Police cars? Dorothy Kilgallen, a top reporter of her day interviewed Jack Ruby…she said Blockbuster I’m breaking the story tomorrow. She died in her sleep. Many more. Bottom line the mob and the CIA took out JFK.

  6. I agree with you, Cat and have felt that the wool was pulled over our eyes a long time ago. BUT, forensics today, even with decades old evidence, runs circles around what was available half a century ago. To ignore, or blatantly dismiss the multiple bullet/shooter options doesn’t make sense.

    • Repman won’t be happy to hear that everyone agrees with my conspiracy theory 🙂 Looking forward to his rant about it!