Peppercomm leadership weighs in on what’s ahead in 2017 – Part 3

experienceSpecial events and conferences have morphed into a much larger service offering called “experiential.”

Melissa Vigue, our most experienced experiential expert, passes along her tips for what to look for in 2017.

  • Rise of brand moments vs. sponsorships. We are beginning to see brands move away from traditional sponsorship activation to create true brand experiences as either stand-alone events or major activations at or near existing events.
  • Increase in cause-related experiential. I don’t want to just go to something, I want my attendance to mean something. And for brands, it’s about going beyond the “donate a dollar at the register” and getting out into the community.
  • Further integration of physical and digital landscapes. Consumers want to be fully immersed in brand environments but it must also be personalized. So as predicted, the personalization trend continues – consumers increasingly want to direct their own experience within an environment. Gamification will play a big role here. Choose your own adventure, anyone?
  • The role of psychology. There is even more of a focus here.  While emotional connections and currency are important when creating experiences – doing something people really want to be a part of whether for a cause or because of the way it makes them feel – there is a movement toward cognitive fluency. What’s that? The idea that people tend to prefer things that they are familiar or comfortable with and are easy to understand. Imagine the impact if you can generate that mindset in a place where they can experience and maybe even purchase products.
  • Being live. While live streaming is not new, 2017 will be the year that its potential can be fully realized through the Facebook and Instagram Live platforms.  Beyond that, streaming is not just about sharing the experience beyond the event, but rather about engaging those onsite and creating an excellent experience for attendees and sponsors.

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the mysterious and sometimes murky world of digital. Our skipper will be Mike Friedin, Peppercomm’s digital director. Remember it’ll be a BYO life preserver blog, so come prepared.

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