Dec 28

REPMAN PODCAST: Hi, my name’s Kim. I’m 25, a Leo and totally, like, fried

Stress-womenA recent article not only suggested that Millennial women were burning out at a faster rate than their male counterparts but, get this, female PR millennials were topping the ‘fried at 25’ list.

In an attempt to get to the heart (if not soul) of this frightening trend, I recently invited six Peppercom interns to air their views (note: we had an even balance of men and women in the discussion).

So, kick back (if your schedule permits you to do so), turn up the volume and listen to hear if Peppercom’s millennial women agree with the basic premise (note: all three were multi-tasking as they answered my questions, so some answers may be garbled. The guys, on the other hand, were yawning, stretching and fighting hard to keep their eyes open).


Dec 09

REPMAN PODCAST: Prize fighting on ice?

Bloody_fight2It’s this blogger’s opinion that professional ice hockey has become as farcical as pro wrestling or NASCAR races— fans patronize the latter in hopes of seeing smash-ups while wrestling is nothing more than daytime soap opera in a ring.

A recent statistic revealed that 52 percent of ALL NHL games now include fisticuffs. In fact, if professional boxing had as many punches thrown as those in an average ice hockey game, the sport might actually see a revival.

Is incessant fighting KOing ice hockey’s reputation as a serious sport?

Click below to listen in on three amateur ice hockey players (who also happen to be Peppercom employees) as we debate the goons, hooligans and toughs who are damaging themselves, their opponents and their sport’s image.

Nov 09

Getting serious about comedy

Comedy again.Can stand-up comedy really provide an organization or an individual with a strategic competitive advantage? I think so.

But, don’t take my word for it. Deb ‘Kangoo Kid’ Brown and I recently co-hosted a Repchatter podcast with fellow Peppercommer (and former client) Valerie Di Maria as well as stand-up comedy legend, Clayton Fletcher ( Together we answered such pressing questions as:

  • Would stand-up comedy fit within the cultures of some of the world’s biggest and most serious businesses?
  • Would bottom-line obsessed CEOs ever consider comedy as a new and more authentic way in which to communicate?
  • Will these questions ever end?”

Click below to listen and let us know what you think.


Oct 19

So, was the media hype nothing more than a snow Job(s)?

With each passing day, it seems more and more revelations of the dark side of Steve Jobs are emerging. Exactly, why did the media anoint Jobs as a cross between Mother Theresa and Thomas Edison in the immediate aftermath of his death? And, should the now well-documented abusive behavior of a true genius be overlooked because, well, he was a genius who changed the world?

Click below to join Repman Steve Cody, his co-host Deb ‘The Kangoo Kid’ Brown and their special guest, licensing stalwart, Michael Dresner, as they discuss the image and reputation of the legendary Mr. Jobs.


Aug 23

Going on vacation? Listen to this podcast first.

Join Steve Repman Cody and his new host, Deb Brown, aka ‘The Kangoo Kid’ and Peppercom human resources manager, Elysa Torres, as they discuss the role of the vacation in the midst of a never-ending recession. You may want to think twice about those two weeks on the Cape. Click below to listen.


May 04

Was O.J. Simpson responsible for more than two murders?

Soap opera.Join Brendan ‘Muggs’ Mullin and yours truly as we interview Sam Earl Ford, co-editor of the book,  The Survival of the Soap Opera. Sam posits his views on why nearly all of TV’s great soap operas have gone belly up and, in the process, fingers the notorious O.J. Simpson as one of the main culprits. If so, I’ll never forgive the Juice for depriving me of seeing Greenlee, Binks and the other femme fatales from All My Children.

Click on the gray bar below here to listen to arguably the best Repchatter podcast since Dawn M. Lauer and Darryl Salerno debated the existence of god.


Feb 18

Civility? We don’t need no stinking civility

Mr. Lemonade.Have the unfortunate shootings in Tucson and President Obama’s state of the union speech changed the vitriolic state of political discourse in our country? Steve Cohen (Executive Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs) thinks they have. He also believes we’ll see a kinder, gentler discourse in the future. Color Co-host Brendan ‘Muggs’ Mullin and me yellow for cautious. Click on the link below to listen to our discussion with Professor Cohen.


Nov 02

It’s D-Day for liberals, conservatives and libertarians alike


I think I speak for each and every America when I say, “Thank god, election day is here and those horrific political attack ads will finally be gone.”

To get an insider’s view on how the mid-terms will go, Ted ‘Ludacris’ Birkhahn and I played host to Cenk Uygur, creator of and a frequent contributor to MSNBC.

As you’ll hear, Cenk pulls no punches in attacking both Tea Party extremists and the far too many failings of the Obama Administration (if fact, at one point, Cenk likens ‘The One’ to Peppercom’s very own Birkhahn since both are long on promises and short on results).

Click below, to listen:

Enjoy. And, please exercise your right to vote (and post comments on this podcast). I’m Repman and I approved this Repchatter.

Sep 23

Going mobile (and global)

Monica Teague, Senior Manager, PR, Brand Business Teams, Whirlpool, Tom Topinka, Public Relations Leader, Genworth and Amber Harris, Manager of Digital Communications for Discovery Communications work for completely different businesses and are faced with completely different communications challenges.

But, as you’ll hear in the second part of the podcast we recorded to mark Peppercom’s 15th anniversary, all three agree the future will be dominated by mobile and global communications.

Let us know what you think. Do you agree with our guests? Or, is there some other soon-to-emerge technology or movement that will supersede mobile and global?  Click on the gray bar below, and enjoy.