Sep 17

Hon, be sure to pack sunglasses, some SPF 55 and don’t forget the kevlar vests and helmets…

Some cagey advertising types in Israel are trying their best to distract potential vacationers from theIsrael_flag
realities of life in their country.

Rather than own up and admit that certain regions offer more thrills and chills than white water rafting the Colorado, a new advertising campaign instead leverages sex to sell.

Scantily-clad young Israeli ladies are seen frolicking on the country’s beaches as a narrator lists the many hot and trendy jetset activities available to tourists. What they neglect to mention is that, along with bathing suits, sunscreen and sunglasses tourists would be wise to pack kevlar vests and helmets.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for scantily-clad young ladies cavorting on beaches, but, not as a ruse. There are too many unsuspecting (or downright uninformed) people in the world who, seeing these advertisements, just might book a flight to the Holy Land. If something should happen to them, whose fault would it be? The State-sponsored advertising campaign that lured them or their own ignorance for not having conducted proper due diligence?

Too many advertising campaigns make false or misleading claims. Conveniently overlooking Israel’s many dangers goes beyond misinformation and borders instead on malfeasance.

Thanks to Carl "Union Jack" Foster for the idea.