May 28

Diddy does Cannes sans Ciroc

Guest blog written by Nicole Lowe.

While partying in Cannes, Diddy was spotted at the Belvedere bash to launch the "Jagger Dagger," a newCiroc
Belvedere drink designed by Jade Jagger.  No big deal, its Cannes, its another party, of course Diddy was there. My guess would be that the party also took place on a yacht since Diddy seems to frequent yacht parties in Cannes.  The problem is that Diddy has a multi-year deal to develop Ciroc Vodka.  Being seen at a competing vodka’s party, where he and his entourage were allegedly enjoying many a Belvedere cocktail, cannot be good for the brand awareness Diddy is trying to generate in interviews and advertisements.  However, his appearance at the Belvedere party is keeping Ciroc in the news and on celebrity blogs. I personally had never heard of Ciroc before Diddy inked his deal, but Diddy endorsing the brand also has not prompted me to try Ciroc (but I did download Kanye’s "Flashing Lights" after watching the Ciroc New Year’s Eve commercial.)  So good or bad, Diddy’s association with Ciroc has increased awareness of the brand, but has it increased sales?  And does Diddy’s attendance at a Belvedere party hurt sales?  Well, if it does hurt sales, ultimately Diddy is the one who takes the hit – at least in his wallet, since his deal with Ciroc reportedly nets him 50 percent of the profits, and could be as lucrative as $100 million over the course of their relationship.