Jun 15

Oh no, not Bo

O’Keefe & Co., a Virginia-based PR firm, announced it has secured one-time movie star and heart Bo_derek_gallery_main throb, Bo Derek, to help celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Founder Stephen O’Keefe said Derek, the star of the 1979 movie ‘10,’ was ‘…the perfect 10 to help us celebrate an almost perfect 10.’ Oh.

No offense to O’Keefe which, I’m sure, is a great firm, but Bo Derek? Bo Derek was yesterday’s news within six months of the film’s release. And, if she was a 10 then, her star appeal today has to be about .10.

And, what about poor, old Bo herself? This gig is quite a comedown from those heady days spent frolicking on the beach with Dudley Moore.

Sorry, O’Keefe, but hooking up with Bo Derek to celebrate a 10th anniversary rates, perhaps, a 1 on a scale of one to 10.