Mar 29

A moment of silence please for the late Dr. Norman Cody

March 29 I was shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Dr. Norman Cody (Download LETTER FOR STEVE CODY). According to Thomas Brogger, the late Dr. Cody had no immediate kin but, happily, did leave behind a sizable fortune. And, lucky me, Mr. Brogger thinks I should inherit those funds. That said, though, the ever-so-kind Mr. Brogger needs help transporting those funds to a safe and stable environment, such as my bank account. All I need to do is provide 'Broggie' (my new nickname for Mr. Brogger) with credit card and account information.

Not so fast, Broggie. Before I provide my personal credit information, I'd like to know a little bit more about my namesake. Did Dr. Cody practice conventional medicine? Was he a dentist or, dare I suggest it, a chiropractor? Perhaps he wasn't a medical doctor at all, but one of those Ph.D. types like Richard Harte (erstwhile strategy consultant to Peppercom and creator of the infamous Harte Chart).

It's also possible that, like the character Billy Crystal played in a Mafia comedy spoof, Norman Cody may have been known simply as '….the f***ing doctor.'

I'm all about discovering my roots and re-connecting with relatives wherever they are and whatever religion they may practice (note to Ken Jacobs: you'll be pleased to know that I'm embracing my possible Jewish ancestry. Candle lighting is at 6:58pm tonight. Shavout Shalom).

As for Stormin' Norman Cody, I need to know more about my kin's image and reputation, Broggie. Any doctor worth his salt runs tests before proceeding. I'd like to think the late doctor would agree with me.