Jun 22

Nobody Beats the Rep!

How’d you like a million dollar idea for just $5?  Sound too good to be true? Not if Jim Kukral has
Seinfeld-wiz-768864 anything to say about it.

Jimmy Five Bucks (as I call him) reminds me of one of those web scam artists who offer to deposit a large sum of money in your bank account. All you have to do in return is pay some incidental upfront costs and, voila, you’ll be an instant millionaire. And, all Jimmy needs to get his creative juices flowing and make you a millionaire is $5. Such a deal!

To his credit, Kukral does promise to return your $5 if he doesn’t deliver.

But, he’s not getting my $5. That’s because, in the spirit of our great, free enterprise system, I’m going to undercut him.

That’s right. Starting today, I’m introducing the $4 RepMan challenge. Send me $4 and I’ll give you a million-dollar idea in exchange. Just think what you can do with that extra buck! In fact, if you send me four dollars a day for a full year, you’ll have saved $365! Man, oh man.

You want to know my million-dollar idea credentials before sending me your moola? Fine. Check this out:

– I came up with the name Peppercom for our firm (PR Week called that a million dollar idea when they profiled us back in 2000. Put that in your $5 pipe and smoke it, Jimmy.)

– MSL’s Petey Harris and I came up with an idea for an online learning site that helped attract a million dollar client to the then nascent Peppercom. The same idea has since been dusted off multiple times and used for many subsequent clients. Ka-ching.

– I came up with the name for my wife’s personal fitness company, FitBitch. She hasn’t turned it into a million dollar business yet. But, the name’s worth a million dollars. I guarantee it.

Forget about Jimmy Five Bucks. Nobody beats the Rep! I’ll give you a million dollar idea for just $4!

And, I’m flexible. You can send me the $4 in a check, money order, rolls of quarters. I don’t care. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all. Why? Because I’m not returning your damn money. If you’re dumb enough to send it, I’m smart enough to save it.

Nobody beats the Rep!