Nov 12

What has become clear to you since we last met?

November 12 - emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson was noted for greeting friends with the question, 'What has become clear to you since we last met?' His intent, say historians, was an invitation and a challenge to guests to assess the progress of their thinking.

I find the question profound in its simplicity and thought I'd share what's become clear to me of late:

1) Management by fear is alive and well. Despite countless studies, articles and books extolling the benefits of a great corporate culture, I continue to see our teams take a beating from misbehaving client managers. I also continue to see refugees from other agencies wash up on our shores with tales of shouting and screaming bosses. That said, I remain unclear how or why bullies survive.

2) President Obama is nearly as clueless as W. A great communicator prior to his election, the president has become hopelessly caught up in hundreds of issues that have clearly distracted him from accomplishing one or two truly important and critical goals: creating jobs, ending foreign wars and solving the healthcare mess. And, I don't see him rising above the abyss anytime soon.

3) Far too many businesspeople are jumping on the social media bandwagon without knowing why. The same holds true for 'consumers' who feel compelled to post each and every detail of their mundane daily lives on Facebook, Plaxo and LinkedIn. The latter two, in particular, have become the bane of my existence.

4) The quality of writing continues to devolve with each passing year. I'm now routinely receiving missives from people holding fairly senior positions that are rife with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

5) There's nothing quite as satisfying as the insights gleaned from a work of non-fiction. I've been on a Malcolm Gladwell tear of late and find many of his observations incredibly relevant to work and life in general.

6) My TV viewing is now limited to two comedies and one drama series. That's it. I no longer go to see movies, since the first-run flicks are absolutely pathetic.

I'd be interested in reading what's become clear to you since we last met. Feel free to post away.

Mar 14

Presidential candidates searching for right message

Steve and Ted sit down with guest, Gene Colter, to discuss the Presidential election and compare andRepchatter_logo
contrast the reputation and image of the three remaining candidates.

The discussion centers on the candidates and their stance on the economy pertaining to the pocket books and wallet of the general public. Are the candidates weak on this issue? Are some just focused on Iraq?

Is this one of the worst batch of Presidential candidates in American history?

Jun 11

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it

I was saddened to learn that American Heritage, one of my favorite personal reads, will no longer be Ahmag published by Forbes, inc.

American Heritage provided a great snapshot into trends and issues of the past that helped shape who we are today. With so many Generation Y-types being virtually clueless about events prior to, say 1990, the loss of another archival benchmark bodes ill.

At the same time, we’re seeing various test scores indicating school kids know little to nothing about current events or geography. So, it’s not just the past that today’s kids find challenging, it’s the nature and scope of substantive matters in the world around us as well. The operative word in the preceding sentence, by the way, is ‘substantive.’ If, and when, our news organizations focus more on, say the G-8 Summit or the carnage in Darfur and less on the fairness of Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, the sooner we’ll make strides towards educating an increasingly lazy and out-of-touch society that is not only doomed to repeat history’s mistakes as Abe Lincoln warned, but show every indication that the worst is yet to come.