Oct 29

Miriam Bell’s a real ding dong

I wish I had a dollar for every e-mail Executive Recruiter Miriam Bell has sent informing me I’d be ideal
for ‘…one or more positions recently posted by our corporate clients in New York City.’

While I’m always flattered to be considered for any job, I’ve decided to stay away from the corporate side.Spam As a result, I’ve politely responded to Ms. Bell’s entreaties with such brief rejoinders as:

– ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’
– ‘Not interested in corporate gigs, Miriam.’

– ‘Take me off your stupid distribution list.’

And, most recently:

– ‘Back off, already!’

And, yet, Miriam happily ignores my pleas and continues to send her spam my way. ‘Remove yourself from her list,’ you say? Oh, I have, I have. Many times, as a matter of fact.

But, like a deeply-rooted STD, Miriam and her e-mails just won’t go away. And, to rub salt in the wound, she always begins her salutations to me with ‘Hi Eric…’

I surrender, Miriam Bell, HR manager of careers-for-07.net. You’ve succeeded where so many others have failed (i.e. ‘With Clue,’ ‘Med supply executive,’ etc.). Your Chinese water torture approach to executive recruiting has worn me out. Bring on the ‘…one or more positions posted…" by your corporate clients.

If it means you’ll finally leave me alone, I’ll go on the damn interviews.