Jun 29

Reelin’ in the years

June 29 - cupcake It’s my birthday. No big deal in the grand scheme of things but, as Pink Floyd once wrote, ‘Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.’ Maudlin to be sure, but since we’re all mortal, it’s tough not to reflect on what’s been accomplished and what’s still to be done.

In that spirit, I’ve given some thought to what I’m most proud of and what I’d like to do between now and the inevitable appearance of the Grim Reaper. Here goes:


  • Chris and Catharine
  • Peppercom
  • McGraw-Hill published book, ‘What’s keeping your customer up at night?’ (continues to fly off the bookshelves in Third World countries while gathering dust here)
  • 75 or so stand-up comedy performances
  • One ‘improv’ performance at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in NYC (easily the toughest mental challenge I’ve yet faced)
  • Mountain climbing, ice climbing, three half marathons and two 18-mile marathons
  • PR industry awards, bylined articles, speeches, panels, agency of the year, yada, yada
  • Mentoring more than one dazed and confused college student


  • Learning a second language
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Climbing at least three more of the Seven Summits
  • Rock climbing
  • Antarctica and the Galapagos
  • Acting
  • Completing my swimming lessons and finishing a sprint triathalon

Reflecting on my mortality, I’m reminded of the classic William Saroyan quip, ‘Everybody has got to die, but I have always believed an exception would be made in my case.’ If only……

Apr 02

There’s nothing like hot dogs and a beer after an intense 10-mile race

I’m competing in a series of 10-mile, 15k and half marathons this Spring as I prepare for my firstMarathon_2
marathon (San Diego in early June).

Road races are a blast to compete in and provide an amazing sense of accomplishment when completed. They also provide very cool pre- and post-race bonding experiences with fellow runners.

As is the case with other aspects of life, however, there are well organized and not-so-well organized runs (last Summer’s Chicago Marathon, for example, will be forever remembered as the ‘Bataan Death March’ of competitive road racing).

I finished a 10-mile race on March 30th that had a little bit of everything: superb planning, a scenic course, supportive crowds and hot dogs and beers for the finishers. Say what? Yup, the 19th annual Freehold Area Runners Club St. Paddy’s Day 10 Miler provided some very non-traditional food and drink.

And, while I ‘get’ the St. Paddy’s beer part, I was floored to see steaming hot dogs on either side of the finish line. I was even more flabbergasted to see exhausted runners actually downing the dogs. Yuck! How could anyone ingest such dreck immediately after cleansing one’s body?

It was mind boggling and image rattling at the same time. But, hey, to each his own. As for me, I’ll stick with the post-run bananas and quart of cold water, and hope that my more traditional dietary strategy pays off in California.