Apr 10

Hate to say it, but I told you so

Loyal Repman fans who have followed this blog from the get go will recall an ongoing battle with TedKatiecbs
‘Ludacris’ Birkhahn and others over the fate of Katie Couric.

I said she was out of her depth, a lightweight trying to fill a chair once occupied by Murrow, Cronkite and Rather, who wouldn’t last. Ludacris and his ilk argued to the contrary, vowing that Katie would be a mega star and that Repman was being sexist and would eat his words. Not!

It’s good to be right. Katie’s gone and I predicted it.

And, here’s my next Katie prediction. She’ll be taking on Oprah and Ellen in the late afternoon talk show wars very, very soon. And, you know what? She’ll do very, very well. Katie’s fluff. And, the late afternoon talk show set loves fluff.

So, look for Ms. Couric to do less hard news and more soft stories close to home, such as: ‘how to get that special guy to ask you to the senior prom,’ ‘wedding vows: do’s and don’ts’ and ‘weight loss tips of the stars.’ I may not watch, but a good percentage of America will.