Jan 09

This is very personal for me

Despite her narrow victory in yesterday’s New Hampshire Democratic Primary, can you believe the mediaHillary
analysis of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s ’emotional breakdown’ in New Hampshire? The one in which she told voters ‘…This is very personal to me?’ Puh-lease. Talk about contrived.

Everything Hillary does is carefully orchestrated to either harden or soften her image and reputation (depending upon the latest polls). ‘Hill’ and her handlers knew voters saw her as an ice queen, so she/they sought an opportunity to unveil her ‘softer, feminine side.’ And, a ’60-something’ New Hampshire woman provided the catalyst with a question asking the Machiavellian Clinton how, as a woman, she was able to juggle so many disparate things and still keep it all together.

The Clintons, like the Bushes, are yesterday’s news. Hillary, and her totally contrived image and reputation machinations, is toast. Obama is weak, with lots of flaws, but Americans are turning to him as a solution to the ‘business as usual’ model that Hillary represents. 

I’m not a political analyst but, in my opinion, Sen. Clinton is a ‘dead candidate walking’ who reminds too many voters of what was and not what could be.