Dec 29

It’s Scotland, not Ireland, that needs a tourism campaign (or not)

Ireland has launched a new publicity campaign focusing on U.S. television, newspapers and the Internet. Ireland needs a new tourism campaign about as much as that drunk at the end of the bar needs another pint of Guinness. It’s Ireland’s Scottish sibling that is in need of publicity (or not).
December 29 - cuillin-mountains-scotland-backside

I’ve traveled throughout England, Ireland and Scotland, and the latter is far and away the most beautiful. In fact, there’s really no comparison whatsoever. Ireland’s Ring of Kerry is to Cleveland what Scotland’s Isle of Skye is to San Francisco. And, even that analogy doesn’t do the latter justice.

Scotland is an amazingly well-kept tourism secret. Aside from golfing and fly fishing, few Americans, if any, give the nation a second thought. And, according to my most excellent Scottish friend and guide, Peter Khambatta, that may be just as well. The last thing Scotland’s pristine lochs, mountains and landscapes needs is a horde or American tourists mucking up its finery. So, perhaps, it’s just as well that Ireland spends the money to attract Americans to an otherwise mediocre vacation experience while (whilst?) Scotland remains a decidedly under-the-radar and absolutely world-class destination.