Jun 13

Canadian dollar looking strong, but is anyone looking?

Steve and Ted are joined by a special guest from Canada, Esther Buchsbaum, to discuss the strength ofCanadian_dollar
the Canadian dollar
and what this means for their country’s image and reputation.

The discussion is centered on the fact that the Canadian dollar is stronger than the U.S. dollar for the first time since 1974.

How does this sway the U.S. perception of Canada, if at all? How do Canadians feel about the fact that they have a higher value in the dollar than their American counterparts?

Apr 22

The Marines are looking for a few good women

The U. S. Marine Corps has launched an aggressive new advertising campaign aimed at attracting moreMarines
women recruits. It’s a smart move since the all-volunteer Corps is struggling to make its annual quotas. And, while the Corps has accepted women in administrative roles since 1918, it’s only recently begun putting the distaff side in harm’s way.

War being the dirty business that it is, the Corps has to do what the Corps has to do to create awareness and build credibility. But, I must say I find the new ads disingenuous at best.

One, for example, features a very aggressive-looking woman and a headline that reads: “Wanted: leadership that inspires Marines under your command and Americans everywhere."

There’s no doubt that Marine Corps training build confidence, moral and physical strength and, I’m sure, leadership qualities. But, I believe the Corps also needs to let female recruits know what they’re getting themselves into. The current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan shows no sign of letting up, much less improving. So, while the recruits may indeed be leading fellow Marines and inspiring Americans everywhere, they’re also likely to be shipped to an active war zone. And, that’s the rub. I’m just not sure very many prime, 18-year-old prospects understand the grim realities of Baghdad, Falujah and elsewhere. And, I think the U.S. Marine Corps owes our nation’s youth a fully transparent story.

I applaud those who volunteer, but I’d also like women everywhere to realize what they’re signing up for.