Recruiter? I Wouldn’t Go Near Her!

clown-300x450As the CEO of a successful midsized, integrated agency, I often lie awake nights worrying the global firms will cherry-pick our superstars with outlandish pay offers and ersatz, inflated job titles. Lia LoBello, who penned today’s guest blog, is one of those superstars who causes my insomnia.

That said, based upon the laughably sophomoric recruitment letter she just received from a holding company’s recruitment officer, I have nothing to worry about (at least for tonight).
Final point: What does it say about the image and reputation of a global agency when their recruiters send such embarrassing notes to others in our industry?

It’s yet another story you’ll never read about in @prweekUS…..
As a longtime Peppercomm employee, I know RepMan never misses an opportunity to take aim at the industry and point out bad practice and form. So when I received the following, shall we say, communication from the “talent acquisition specialist” for a well-known large agency, I knew exactly who to share it with. This is via LinkedIn:

Chicago opportunity
Hi Lia,
CHICAGO  Bring you talent to the Midwest! Did you ever wished to be in a less hectic 
city? Would you like higher quality of life with lower cost of living? Chicago could 
be the next best city!!Would you or anyone you may know be interested to explore a 
Sr. level (VP or SVP, depending on experience) Media Relations role at [Redacted] 
PR in Chicago? Great opportunity for an entrepreneurial talent who is interested 
to own and grow in partnership with the Managing Director in Chicago.
• Business Media (C-suite/executive positioning, media tours, reputation management, 
Corporate branding- etc.) 
• Household name account experience/Fortune 100 to 500 accounts 
• Top tier national media experience (NY times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington post,
 MSNBC, Fox, CNBC, NBC, Bloomberg etc.) 
• Strategic 
• Entrepreneurial/Independent and self-motivated 
• Excellent writing skills 
• Able to work on multiple verticals. 
• Consumer experience would be a great +
Feel free to inquire about other opportunities in Corporate, Brand Marketing and 
Social@ [Redacted] in CHICAGO and specialized opportunities in DC, SF and LA 
Please let me know if you or anyone you may know would be interested to learn more? 
I look forward to hearing from you!

Oy. Once I confirmed this wasn’t LinkedIn spam, I took a second read of this hot mess of a recruitment letter just for kicks. It’s hard to believe that the numerous spelling mistakes and the horrific grammar are real. Since they are, that lack of care speaks volumes for what the rest of the agency must be like. Also, doesn’t the last sentence of the first paragraph make it seem like part of the job is to have physical ownership over the Managing Director? Yikes.
Moreover, given the senior level of this position – where are the job requirements of 2016? It’s positioned that this is a senior-level role, but where is the call requiring digital acumen (of any sort) or business development?
At least it’s clear that being “strategic” is a requirement – but in what way? I’m strategic all the time – at work, sure, but also on how I fit in exercise to my work week and how I maximize my time at the grocery store. Does this count?
In all seriousness, RepMan told me I couldn’t out the agency I received this from and I understand. However, this is a large agency that routinely wins business from major brands – brands with enough dollars to reach customers and audiences in new and exciting ways. As our industry changes into one where technology and culture and storytelling converge differently than they ever did before, we need recruiters at the forefront who can find the best and brightest minds from all corners to ensure this remains a viable career path for smart young businesspeople.
If I’m reading this right, not only was this letter intended to do that, but it was also to inspire me to pack my bags, leave New York for Chicago and start my exciting new career at this agency? It has accomplished the opposite, and that’s not very funny at all.

6 thoughts on “Recruiter? I Wouldn’t Go Near Her!

  1. I have bitten my tongue when interviewers asked to explain how I was strategic. I sort of want to say, “Strategic? I don’t know how to do that. I just randomly fire a bunch of people mails around and hope something sticks.”

  2. RepMan,
    That the large holding companies haven’t banded together to hire “a guy who knows a guy” to “take care of that troublemaker Cody” is beyond my understanding.

  3. As Trump’s mishbucha say every hour, “Oy vey.” The recruitment business has many great practioners, but its worst obscure that fact.

    If you haven’t already, bring this letter and blog to the attention of the agency’s global HR honchos and the Chicago office’s managing partner.

    I bet that this “talent acquisition specialist” (a really stupid euphemism BTW) will soon seek to connect with you on LinkedIn about exploring exciting new opportunities at Peppercomm.

    • I thought about it, Peter. I’m very tempted. Except, I also don’t want to help the big guys. I hope they’re blasting this type of letter everywhere so that the good talent finds their way to Peppercomm!