PR Week makes yet another major contribution to the industry’s body of knowledge

– Survey reveals PR’s elite would like to see themselves portrayed in a Hollywood biopic by George Clooney or Helen Mirren, respectively –

EdelmanPR Week, which seems to exponentially expand its number of award programs in direct proportion to the meaningless features it publishes, has really reached a new height (or depth) with their latest effort.
As you’ll read, the publication just surveyed their “Global Power Chiefs”, whoever they are, and asked members which Hollywood star they’d peeweemost like to see portray them in a Tinsel Town biopic. Scintillating stuff, no?
Before I share the findings, I’d first like to ask Steve Barrett & Co. how I might go about being added to their Global Weaklings Chiefs (GWC). Along with being the ONLY person to have been fired as a PR Week awards judge, I’d consider inclusion in the CWC as one of my greatest achievements.

But, I digress. Let’s get back to the breaking news.

When asked to pick the actor they’d most like to see portray them in a Hollywood “biopic”, powerful PR men chose George Clooney while their musclebound, distaff peers opted for Helen Mirren.

While no one from PR Week asked me (Note: The only time I EVER receive a call from PR Week is to confirm we’ve either won or lost a significant piece of business). It’s flattering to know their staff see me as one of our industry’s true thought leaders.

Anyway, had I been asked, I would have selected Pee-wee Herman to portray yours truly in a biopic that I’d title, “The PR Road Less Traveled.”

Pee-wee would be ideal because he doesn’t take the entertainment field quite as seriously as, say, a George Clooney or Helen Mirren do. While Pee-Wee and I respect the craft of our respective professions, we differ from our industry’s versions of George Clooney and Helen Mirren in two fundamental ways:

1.) We don’t take ourselves too seriously

2.) We don’t believe our organizations are playing seminal roles in ending world hunger or solving the sectarian violence that wreaks havoc in seemingly every corner of the globe.

Our irreverence has kept Pee-wee and me (a possible title for my soon-to-be-published kiss-and-tell book about PR, BTW) off the radar screens of The Hollywood Reporter and PR Week, respectively.

I can’t speak for the former, but I lament the latter’s focus on content that paints a picture of sunshine and roses that would make readers believe nothing bad ever happens in our world. PR Rosy Week might be a more apt title for the publication.

In closing, I’d like to turn the tables, and ask the PR Week editorial staff what luminary(ies) they’d like to see portray them in a Hollywood biopic. I’m betting they’d name actors and actresses who have portrayed superheroes on the Silver Screen who have taken down villains who dare speak out and criticize their content such as me.

But, I’d suggest instead characters ranging from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan.

(And, I should mention that unlike Pee-wee, I’ve yet to be arrested for indecent exposure but, hey, who knows what the future holds?)

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