Why a Blog on Reputation Management?

From Enron and The Iraqi War to Jason Giambi and Catholic priests, it seems the very pillars of society have been turned upside down.  With each new outrage, there seem to be fewer and fewer shining lights of hope.  Fewer true icons who hold themselves and their organizations accountable and zealously protect their reputations.

As an experienced public relations practitioner, I know it can take years to build and millions of marketing dollars to nurture a reputation. But that very same reputation can be destroyed in a nanosecond by irresponsible behavior.

How about Bernie Ebbers at Global Crossing, Trent Lott and his speech about Strom Thurmond’s segregationist ways, Michael Jackson’s bizarre bedroom behavior, Barry Bonds refusal to admit he’s been taking steroids for years….the list is almost endless.

Each day, I’ll take a look at the one of the pillars of society: business, sports, government, entertainment and religion and give my thoughts and recommendations on a breaking news item concerning an individual or institution whose reputation is being threatened by real or imagined misdeeds.

The reputation of an individual or an institution is priceless.  Let’s discuss why so many "pillars" are allowing their actions to undermine their reputation.

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