There’s nothing Olympian about the U.S. team’s uniforms.

Today’s guest post is by Peppercommer Dandy Stevenson.

Have you seen the Team USA uniforms for the upcoming winter Olympics? Apparently Ralph Lauren (nee Lifshitz) took to heart the criticism received over the neo-Germanic outfits, (punctuated by Cousin Eddie’s shoes,) he designed for the 2012 summer games. For starters, they were made in China. And B, they were made in China. But maybe worse of all they sported Ralph’s trademark horsie – supersized, as if the American way.  In case you’ve blacked out the image from your memory, allow me to refresh (below left).

olympics'So this time, (above right) Ralphie assembled his best blind quilters and came up with the horse blankets pictured here. But they were made in the US.  Kind of burns your eyeballs, no? And what’s with the pants? Look as if they belong on a hospital orderly. And in place of his horsie logo, there is his favorite word: Polo. When will he quit?

And, the models look pretty uncomfortable.  But that could be because they know there’s a bulls-eye on their back—  the teams have been admonished to not wear these frocks when they are “away from competition.”  But maybe that’s good news after all. The less these craft store explosions are seen the better. But of course that is just one of the problems facing these ill-fated winter games. But that’s for another post… back to the topic at hand… what do you think about the uniforms?

12 thoughts on “There’s nothing Olympian about the U.S. team’s uniforms.

  1. I really should have looked at this before lunch. I’m not sure I can watch the Olympics now.

  2. Well, I would have rather seen a true expression of American fashion: a Budweiser t-shirt with the sleeves torn off, jeans shorts and flip-flops.That would be formal attire.

  3. Oh Jessie I’d forgotten that Coco admonishment. Don’t you love it! She was an extraordinary talent, unlike Ralphie here, whose taste is all in his mouth.

  4. I think it’s really nice that they used Bill Cosby’s sweater collection as inspiration.

  5. Coco Chanel said it the best when she advised taking off an accessory right before leaving the house. This design could have followed that advice a few times – feels a bit like Pinterest and the Fourth of July met in an explosion of textiles.

  6. First impression when I saw it: Ugly! Man, there is too much going on here. In fashion as with communications, simplicity is king.